Senior Consultant in health care strategy and value

Tempo inteiro
Lisboa, Portugal
Descrição da oferta

The senior consultant in health care strategy and value will work on an international project to develop an organization-level certification program in value-based health care. The activities involve planning, executing, and managing meetings with professionals and experts from different expertise and countries, co-create and develop the program, producing materials in PowerPoint and written format, and researching about health care strategy, value, and certification programs. The consultant will work closely with the project leadership and answer directly to the company CEO and the experts responsible for the scientific aspect of the project. If there is an individual interest, the professional will have the opportunity to develop an MBA or PhD thesis using the project.

Requirements: professional graduate preferably in health care field (medicine, pharmacy, nursing, etc.) or engineering and business courses with the focus of final papers or research line in the health care business. It is required to be interested in health care strategy and value and get motivated by working on international projects.

Recommended but not required: Professionals doing MBA or PhD thesis focusing on health care strategy and value are differential.

Idiom: English fluency in writing and speaking is a requirement. Domain in speaking Portuguese is recommended.

Format: The company office is in Lisbon, but the activities can be executed online. Flexibility for traveling is recommended.